After an extensive software review (2 beers and a google search) Global Tennis Network software has been selected to manage our (fun) tennis ladders. Two ladders have been created – one for singles (mixed) and one for doubles (also mixed). This is visible below and also available directly on:

The Ladders are for a fun, healthy competition between members to encourage tennis usage and help member socializing. Challenges can be made and scores entered that will keep track of results and rank/rate players appropriately. Matches can be played in any format the players decide – single set, best of 3 etc. Once scores are entered on the website then players rankings will be updated accordingly and the ladders will reflect that. The scoring is weighted (ie a stronger player beating a weaker player will only change points minimally but a weaker player defeating a stronger player will get a significant point change). Remember : it is meant as fun but there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

How to register – follow the links below to the respective ladder, this will request access (we have this open for viewing but it is only for members and their guests).

HRC Singles –

HRC Mixed Doubles –

First setup an account on the Global Tennis Network system. For doubles once you have yourself and your partner registered/setup in the mixed doubles Stuart/Brian can set them up as a team.

(We can also set people up as just players who don’t want to use the website if preferred but players would not have all the features of the software available to them but Brian/Stu will happily update any match scores for you)

Any questions please reach out directly to Stuart or Brian at the club or via email (Stu at, Brian at )

Powered by Global Tennis Network

Powered by Global Tennis Network

Powered by Global Tennis Network