Summer 2024

High Ridge Club has been using TeamReach (a smartphone app) for Pickleball and Tennis. It has been a great way to communicate with other High Ridge players to broadcast news or to arrange a pickup game. This year, in addition, we will be adding a High Ridge Social Group to TeamReach – you will now be able see what’s going on for the summer, communicate with other club members, set up impromptu social events and so much more!
This guide will help you to join the High Ridge Groups in TeamReach and how to use the app.  You can join one group or all 3 groups.
Download and Join
Install TeamReach on iPhone:
Install TeamReach on Android:

 HRC members, please reach out to for the group codes. 

Once you have joined and been approved by the Leader (administrator), you will be set to use all the features of TeamReach.